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November 8, 2018

Matching Your Proposal With Her Personality

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  Asking a woman for her hand in marriage must be one of the most challenging experiences for any young man, what with the massive uncertainty involved, and in order to maximise your chances of a successful proposal, you should spend some time considering how you plan to pop the big question. The last thing you want to do is make her feel uncomfortable and while you might think it’s cool to propose in a very public way, you need to consider her feelings about such a public display. If you are unsure how to proceed with your planned marriage proposal, here are a few useful tips on getting it right.

  •  Is She the Outgoing Type? - If the answer is a resounding yes, then you can safely plan something public and a little out of the ordinary. If she is a quiet and reserved girl, you might want to consider a private proposal, with only the two of you present. Don’t forget to acquire that stunning pink diamond ring at The Diamond Jewellery Studio, who happen to be Australia’s leading online jeweller and with the ring sorted, you can focus your energy on the proposal.

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  •  Is She a Romantic? - Some girls do not respond well to a romantic type marriage proposal, while others absolutely love a romantic setting. If she is the practical kind who doesn’t like a lot of fuss, stick to something conservative. Take her to dinner and prepare your proposal (and ring) in a suitable way that won’t embarrass her. Ask yourself whether or not she would approve of your planned proposal method, especially if you are planning a big surprise.

  • Is the Proposal Expected? - Does she know what you are planning, or are you planning a really big surprise? If she is not expecting a marriage proposal, the risk of receiving the wrong response is obviously greater. You know her better than anyone, and you must follow your instincts on this one, and if you think she knows what you are planning, this should give you some extra confidence. There are articles you can find online that touches on the topic of marriage proposal Do’s and Don’ts, which should ensure you get it right on the night.

  •   Public or Private? Only you know which is more suitable, so make sure you don’t make this a public event if she is a private type of girl. The actual proposal might be best undertaken with only the two of you present, as you can make it as public as you like after the event, yet if she is the self-confident, outgoing type, there’s nothing wrong with proposing in a public place.

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  Some men make the mistake of overlooking her feelings regarding the marriage proposal, which can end in disaster. Think carefully about her personality and if you feel confident that your planned marriage proposal is in line with her lifestyle and way of thinking, then you can proceed with a level of confidence. If you are really in doubt, why not ask her best friend how she thinks your fiancée would react? Getting a second opinion is always a good idea, especially when planning a marriage proposal.

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