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December 21, 2018

4 Types of Engagement Rings You Didn’t Know You Could Get

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The world is unfair for people who want to buy usual wedding rings and engagement rings. Most jewelry stores will bombard you with the same old platinum and diamond designs. While they are great rings, they don’t do much for couples looking for innovative ring designs for their weddings. It also goes without saying that conventional diamond and platinum rings come with hefty price tags. By simply choosing an alternative metal option and an unusual centrepiece, you can drastically drive down the cost whilst getting your hand on an engagement ring that looks refreshingly different. To get you started on your journey, following are 4 usual engagement ring types you didn’t know existed.

The One with Wooden Inlays: If it’s good for your furniture then why not for your ring. Breaking free from the conventional styles, many couples are now buying rings with wooden inlays. These wooden inlays are mounted on a metal ring to ensure its durability. Apart from being an unusual engagement ring choice, these rings can also be confidently worn by men thanks to their subtle and robust styling. If you are on the hunt for a wedding or an engagement ring, we suggest wood and titanium ring. The brown grainy texture of the wood goes really well with the smooth silvery sheen of titanium.

The One That’s Stronger Than Titanium: It’s a known fact that titanium is way harder than platinum, which in itself is pretty durable. What is more durable than titanium? Well, cobalt of course. Cobalt engagement rings are quickly gaining in popularity as they shine like platinum rings without the hefty cost. While both titanium and cobalt are miles ahead of other metals in terms of their hardness, they have different scratch resistance and hardness figures. Cobalt has a higher hardness rating in the Mohs scale compared to titanium. Titanium is 6, Cobalt is 7 to 8. Cobalt is also more scratch resistant when compared to titanium. Long story short, you are pretty much using a metal that’s fit to be a part of Iron Man’s suit.

The One That Uses 3 Different Metals: Many collections of engagement rings in the UK feature designs that use two metals. Usually, metals like rose gold and sterling silver are used together thanks to their contrasting colors. However, did you know you could buy a ring that’s crafted from 3 different metals? While not as popular as conventional designs, 3-metal rings are slowly gaining popularity.

The One Made From an Exotic Spacecraft Material: Believe it or not, you can buy a ring that’s completely made from carbon fiber. Apart from being an amazing engagement ring option for any auto or tech enthusiast, these rings are light and comfortable. While they are never sold as engagement rings, these simplistic black rings are a perfect choice for a gal who appreciates innovative designs and offbeat materials. Carbon fiber engagement rings are often embedded with CZ stones. You can also find black and white rings that use carbon fiber and titanium.  

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