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March 28, 2019


 These days, brides-to-be are looking towards unique ring designs to celebrate their commitment. Traditional diamonds are taking a backseat to other gemstone and precious metal options. Unique center stones are one of the most prominent ring trends we’ve been seeing brides-to-be choose over and over again. Just in case you plan on getting engaged soon, you’ll definitely want to check out these engagement rings from BBBGEM.

  Looking for a unique engagement ring? Consider an Opal engagement ring instead of a traditional diamond rock. You might not think "engagement ring" when you think of an opal, but more and more brides are turning to this colorful semi-translucent stone for this important time in their life. The stone's unique beauty makes it a great choice for the unconventional bride, or the couple looking for a less traditional engagement ring. When purchasing an opal, keep in mind that they are not as durable as diamonds. The best advice I can give you is to shop around to pick a ring design that protects the stone as much as possible. There are a lot of great reasons to consider an opal gemstone instead of a more traditional diamond. For one, opals are more cost-effective than diamonds. They also make a gorgeous statement. Buyers get an elegant and dazzling ring for half the cost of what would be paid to traditional jewelers. Be sure to visit BBBGEM, they have a large assrtment of opal engagement rings.

  Sure, you could always opt for your traditional white diamond rings, or even the trending sapphire rings, but there’s something about the subtle shade of pale blue that feels undeniably beautiful. Not to mention, your ring could also be your “something blue” during your wedding. Inspired by the beauty of the sea, Aquamarine engagement rings are a unique choice for the modern or classic bride. The aquamarine is a beautiful engagement ring alternative for those of you who want something other than a diamond. Visit BBBGEM and explore their range of sparkling aquamarine engagement rings.



  In case you're not familiar with this semi-precious stone, Tourmaline is a gorgeous alternative to diamond, emeralds, sapphires, and ruby engagement rings. BBBGEM offers a lot of different designs of Tourmaline engagement ring. Pink tourmaline engagement rings are rapidly growing more popular, particularly with individuals who prefer a unique design that doesn't rely on traditional diamonds. A rare and beautiful gem, pink tourmaline offers both value and distinction to create exceptional engagement rings. Pink tourmaline is a semi-precious silicate-based gem with anywhere from a pale seashell pink wash to a bold magenta hue. Lighter colors are considered more valuable, though exactly which color to choose is a personal preference. Tourmaline comes in many shades other than pink, including green, orange, black, blue, yellow, brown, and rare two- and three-tone gems that shift colors through a gradient in the crystal structure. 
Which gem do you prefer?
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  1. Oh my gosh, these ideas are lovely! The pink tourmaline is especially gorgeous. What a bold ring choice!

  2. Bas izgledaju skupo i elegantno 😀 JFASHIONLOVER <3


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