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April 2, 2019


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Image Source: Pexels

There are a number of dress codes from strictly formal to smart casual, and it is important to choose the right gown for the occasion, which can seem a little daunting. Regardless of the dress code, you do want your dress to be a perfect fit, and for this reason, it is wise to only consider designer outfits, and with that in mind, here are a few guidelines for finding a designer dress for every dress code.

  • White Tie Events - This type of event requires a one-piece gown, such as a floor-length ballgown, worn with opera gloves and a glam hairstyle. For a wide range of such gowns, head over to Peaches Boutique in Chicago, where they have many gorgeous designer gowns to suit every occasion. Designers such as Jovani and Tiffany have the perfect gowns that are made for white tie events, and by searching online for a designer dress boutique, you can order from the comfort of your living room. 

Image Source: Pexels

  • Black Tie Events - This type of event calls for a formal dress, with a society wedding or a charity ball, and whether you choose a floor length creation, very much depends on whether the event is indoors or outdoors. An ornate cocktail dress, for example, would be fine if the event is outdoors, and with online designer dress boutiques, you have more of a choice than if you went to a regular boutique. This is most definitely a time to get out your costume jewellery, as the more sparkle, the better, and diamond earrings and a thin necklace would never look out of place at a black tie event.

  • Black Tie Optional - The optional really means you must be dressed up, yet you have more of a choice than regular black tie events. A long, flowing ball gown is fine, as are separates or a glamourous cocktail dress, just remember to accessorise with your best jewellery. You could wear a long cocktail dress, and if you are in any doubt, you could always ask the host, who would be happy to advise. To have ideas on what to wear at a formal event, a quick search on Google is recommended for any fashion-conscious novices.

  • Dressy Casual - Mainly for adult parties and evening social events, dressy casual means avoiding denim, sports shoes and T-shirts. A nice designer cocktail dress from Sherri Hill or Jovani would be perfect, and there are online boutiques where you can acquire the very best outfits at affordable prices. Once you have chosen the gown, then you can think about hair and accessories, which need to complement your outfit, rather than being the focus of attention.

Image Source: Pexels

  • Festive - This might be a seasonal event, or one where the host is not bothered about dress codes, and basically, you can wear shorter dresses at such a social gathering. A short cocktail dress with glitzy jewellery and a hair-do to match, and this is a chance to get those bright colours out of the wardrobe.

It is important that you feel good in the outfit you choose, so take your time when selecting a suitable gown, and with your best friend as an advisor, you can choose something that is both suitable and very much you.

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