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May 26, 2019


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The clothing industry offers many types of swimsuit for women to choose from. They are usually either a one piece suit or a two piece suit. Suzhoudress UK is an online store that offers a huge range of cheap bikinis UK.

The 3 Popular Types of Swimsuits for Women


1) Single One Piece swimsuits

 Monokini: More conservative women often chose a one piece suit that modestly covers their body. They are not comfortable with their midsection being bare. Overweight women also prefer one piece suits. Miracle suits are highly marketed. A miracle suit claims to make you look two sizes smaller than you really are. This is done by using colorful designs to distract from trouble areas. Control panels are also inserted for added support. Check out Nihaojewelry for beautiful and sexy monokini designs. 


2) Two Piece swimsuits

  They have become much more popular in society today. Many are stylish and risky to wear. There are numerous types of two piece swimwear including the bikini, tankini, and bando. 


    Bikini: The bikini is a very sexy type of swimwear. It is more often worn by full figured beautiful women who are very comfortable with their body. The bikini has several variations. The top can be triangle shaped, round, or a design. The top generally allows cleavage to be seen. The bottom can be a skimpy cover up, a thong, or string.


A tankini is very similar to a bikini. The top is more of a tank top than a traditional swimsuit top. It was designed for women who are self conscious with their upper body. Swimwear separates have been a great hit on the market. Rather than buying swimwear as a set, you can purchase a bottom and top individually, yet they match in color and design. This type of swimwear makes finding the perfect suit for your body much easier. It has also caused bikini sales to increase dramatically. It can be disappointed when such swimwear is sold as set because often one piece of it fits well and the other piece does not. The result is that the item isnt purchased. 


What is your favorite bikini style?

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