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June 30, 2019


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  The gothic fashion style is known as a dark, deep and even mysterious style. The gothic thematic of fashion has always included some sort of signs and details that will suggest some religious orientation. The women in the past used to dress in gothic style and their clothes involved dark colors, ruffles as details, tulle, high neck shirts and accessories that now might look a bit scary. However, today, copying and dressing in gothic style are not hard at all if you have the right clothes, costumes, and accessories by your side. “Lolitain.com” has lots to offer on this style, so one gothic style outfit can be completed from top to toe. Besides the fashion style, it is important to accent that the dramatic appearance of the outfit has always been accompanied by a dramatic makeup. So, if you are willing to channel a Gothic Lolita girl and you are a newcomer, here is what you should look for and do a suitable makeup according to your pieces. 

 To start off, this is how one authentic gothic style outfit should look like:

1. Chiffon riffles Sling Lolita Super Short Shirt

  The fashion today is a bit inspired by the '80s and ‘90s style so that this shirt will fit perfectly into the gothic and modern fashion style. The centerpiece of the shirt is the discreet ruffles, present on the upper and lower elasticized part of the shirt. They make the shirt look rich and interesting. The crop cut is modern and vintage at the same time, and it is worn with bare shoulders. There are two tiny straps for better support and a center bow as addition and detail to the shirt. The sleeves are short and the black and white color options are more than enough for channeling a summer gothic vibe. 

2. Oath Roses Series OP Gothic Lolita Long Sleeve dress

  Nothing says gothic like an authentic, eye-catching and vintage dress. With embroidery details like crosses and dark roses, this is the dress that will bring darkness and a bit of horror to your outfit. The dress is knee-length, with a balloon skirt and long, puffy sleeves. The ruffles, as distinctive detail from that time, are present on the skirt, sleeves and the collar. The color combination is limited to maroon, black and white which makes is totally gothic. 

3. Moon Graveyard Series Gothic Lolita Silk Stockings

  For even greater gothic vibe, add a pair of these unique stockings to your outfit. Coming in black and white option, the stockings with cross details will catch everyone’s eye. The details are more concentrated at the bottom, continuing up and ending somewhere over the knees. 

4. Crucifix Rose Feather gothic Lolita Small Hat

  The shape of the hat itself alongside the added accessories and details screams drama. The careful selection of details like feather rose, cross and bat wings look extremely gothic and mystique. It adds chilly vibes to the entire outfit. 

5. Romantic Tulle lace Lolita Long Veil

  Tulle veils might suggest bridal attire, but in the gothic style, they were presenting mystery and intrigue. The veil creates an interesting combination with the hat, and the black option is extremely appropriate for a dark look. The length reaches the center of the back, and the riffles at the front keep the gothic style. 

6. Angelic Imprint T-shaped Straps Gothic Lolita Heels Shoes with detachable Angle Wings

  The shoes are an important part of an outfit, so these Gothic Lolita heels will definitely put the finishing touch of the whole gothic look. With a round toe and cross detail at the front, the shoes come with detachable angle wings which will bring additional drama to the whole dark appearance.  
So, when the outfit is all done, it is time to move on to the makeup. The gothic makeup is dramatic and deep, the same as the fashion style. If you want to nail the perfect gothic look, it is important to spend some time doing the makeup. The gothic makeup style is characterized by dramatic looks of eyes, cheeks, and lips. All the parts of the face are accented and with the right guidance, you can achieve a vampy and mystery look.

  Starting with the skin, choose a foundation that provides high coverage and is lighter than your skin tone. Women in the gothic era were not exposed to the sun, so the lighter the foundation the better the effect will be. Leave the brows as they are, without doing them at all. When it comes to the eyeshadow, two options are appropriate for gothic style – black liner only or colored eyeshadow with black liner. If you want to achieve the scarier look, use a black liner and apply it on the upper and lower lids of the eye. Use a soft brush to smudge it a bit and leave it like that. If you want to add some color, go for pigmented eyeshadows in red, maroon or deep red. Apply the eyeshadow on the lids and a bit on the lower lid. When that is done, use the black eyeliner to accent the eyes, and smudge it a bit into the eyeshadow. Apply two coats of mascara for a more intense look. Moving onto the cheeks, try not overdoing them. The best shade for this look is something red, so if you do not have a blush in that color, you can easily use a lipstick. Put two or three dots on the cheeks, and with your fingers, smudge them in circles. As mentioned above, everything in this look should be accented, so the lips are no exception too. Choose a bright red, maroon or wine lipstick and apply it in several layers. Use a lip pencil to fixate the lipstick. 

  This gothic makeup look is not hard to achieve, because it does not require any blending or contouring techniques. It is all done with the free and undefined movement of the hand. 

  Alongside the complete gothic outfit, this makeup suits the gothic style perfectly. No matter if you are newcomer or pro, this is how you can achieve head-to-toe gothic Lolita look. 

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