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July 4, 2019

6 Things You Need to Check Before Buying Fur Coats for Women

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  From natural fur coats for women to dyed fur jackets, there are more than a few options to choose from if you are going the fur way. There is no denying that buying fur is an expensive proposition. There are also a lot of unscrupulous businesses that sell fake fur coats and coats that have poor pelt quality. 

  Whether you are a seasoned fur shopper or a first-time buyer, you need to know how to pick a great fur coat for the right price. 

  In this post, we reveal the 6 things you need to know before buying a fur coat. 

Know the Different Pelt Types

Different fur types have different levels of insulation and can have vastly different prices. If you are looking for a budget fur coat, then rabbit fur is a great choice. Rabbit pelt is relatively inexpensive and has a silky feel. As you might know already, mink is one of the more expensive fur types. Mink fur coats have relatively shorter fibers and they provide great insulation. This is why mink fur coats for women are popular in the colder regions of Europe and Russia. Sable fur is undoubtedly the most expensive and the most luxurious. Coats made from sable pelt have a velvety soft feel that’s unmatched by any other fur type. However, sable fur is so expensive it’s often used as trims and is rarely used to make entire coats.

Learn to Differentiate Between Real Fur and Faux Fur

There are a few different ways to differentiate between real and faux fur. The first and probably the most conclusive is the burn test. Take a strand of hair and burn it using a lighter. If the hair sizzles and produces a burnt-hair odor, then the fur coat is genuine. If the hair melts, then the fiber is synthetic and thus the coat is made from faux fur. 

Real fur coats also typically have hairs with tapered tips, which most cheap faux fur coats do not. Another easy way to tell the difference between fake and real fur is by rubbing the hair using your thumb and your index finger. If the hair feels coarse to touch, it’s a faux fur coat. If it’s silky and smooth, then there is a good chance the item is made from real fur. 

Know What’s the Difference Between Cropped and Full-Skin Coats

The reason you need to know the difference between cropped and ful- skin coats is that they have very different prices. A fox fur coat made from cropped pelts costs much lower than jackets that are made from full skin pelts. Cropped fur coats usually have a tiled appearance where it’s made from uniform pieces of pelts collected from different animals. Full skin coats have a smooth appearance and the pattern seems uninterrupted and natural. 

Consider Buying Fur Coats Online

While there are plenty of brick-and-mortar stores that sell genuine fur coats, they usually never have the collection of an online fur shop. When you shop online you also get a better price. Mainly because the physical stores need to account for expenses such as utility bills and establishment costs when pricing their coats. 

You also get to quickly compare prices when shopping online and remain naturally shielded from upselling tactics of store executives. Make sure to select an online fur store that offers easy returns and free shipment. 

Set A Realistic Budget

If you want to buy real fur coats, then you need to set a budget. Even a coat that’s considered inexpensive can cost you north of a thousand bucks. If you don’t have a budget, we suggest buying a well-maintained vintage or used fur coat and getting it repaired. You can also buy a high-quality faux fur coat that almost feels like the real thing.

To set a realistic budget, go to any online fur store and look at the prices. A few minutes of browsing should help you figure out the money you need to save up to buy the coat you like. 

Find Out If You or Your Loved Ones Are Allergic 

The last thing you want is to buy a coat and then figuring out that you or your family members are allergic to fur. Made from pelts, fur coats may have allergens that can trigger a reaction. Minor symptoms of allergy may include sneezing while severe reactions may cause swelling of the face. Simply go to a fur coat shop to check if you have any signs of allergies

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