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July 28, 2019


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  Recently I wrote you about electric skateboards on my blog, and how much they are popular today. Electric skateboards are truly a part of skating life and are very much here to stay. There are a number of reasons why they’ve proved to be such a success. One of the reasons is that they can provide commuters with an efficient means of transport – particularly for shorter journeys. Another feature that people love is the fact that you don’t need to push yourself. Also, a lot of skaters also praise them as a simple reflection of the technological age we find ourselves in; it’s hard to disagree with this when you can even get apps for your electric skateboards that break down your battery life, performance and riding telemetry. They are everywhere! They race through pedestrian zones, speed through city parks, and curve over lakes: e-boards. We are in the midst of a transportation revolution, and electric transit seems to be the wave of the future. Thanks to new tech upgrades, the toy which was long considered just for teenagers is breathing new life into daily commutes. Electric skateboarding as an alternative eco-friendly way to beat traffic and save on gasoline. Completely machine powered and controlled by a remote or an app on a smartphone, the beauty of electric skateboards is that they make up for what traditional boards lack.

  In today's post here's something for those of you who already embraced the future of transportation and got their electric skateboards. It's a pain to put an electric skateboard on the floor and bow down every time to pick it up. Electric skateboard lay on the floor will occupy a lot of space, and yes, the wheels will make the floor dirty. Well, get an electric skateboard hanger, life has never been easier. No need to lean the board to the wall and worry about the falling. No more worry about the wheels making the wall and floor dirty. I found this really cool skateboard hook for skateboard on Amazon. 

 This is a Two-PACK, all-steel construction skateboard wall hanger which fits all size assembled Skateboard, Longboard, Skis, Snowboards, Water Skis, Guitar and more. These skateboard hangers are stable and sturdy, easy to mount onto wall. They got soft sponge cover which makes them more secure. Flexible support arms hug the neck of any guitar, ski or skateboard for a secure fit. Very simple and useful. As I mentioned above, since this wall hanger is designed with a universal fit it carries all types of boards. No matter if it's a traditional skateboard, longboard or an electric board. Wall screws and plastic anchors for dry-wall are included. You only need a screwdriver to hang your board.

  Need storage for your electric skateboard? Get an electric skateboard hanger in your living room, and it makes using your skateboard much easier. The price is $8.99, which is more than affordable. This wall mount is perfect for hanging and displaying your board! Hang your (electric) skateboard with style!

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