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October 12, 2019


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  Circle lenses are the new fashion trend in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and this lenses that make eyes look bigger are slowly becoming popular around the globe. People do not only want to change the color of their eyes, but they want to be noticed. One way they do this is by wearing circle lenses.  In today's post I want to introduce you to one online store which offers a wide selection of circle lenses. But first, let's clear out the differences between circle lenses and normal color contact lenses. The main difference is this: circle contact lenses make your eyes appear larger, while normal contact lenses give more natural look. The size is around the same (14.0mm), however, because circle lenses not only cover the iris of the eye, but also the outer extra-wide rim of the lens, it makes the iris of the eye appear larger. With normal color lenses, this tinted area is transparent (no color tint), thereby, only allows the tint to cover the iris of the eye. Circle lenses are inexpensive, which is also their advantage over normal lenses. Another important thing is that circle lenses are comfortable on eyes. They easily confirm to the shape of eyes because they are soft contact lenses. Another thing, there are more styles and designs of circle lenses available than of normal lenses. Color change of circle lens blends in with natural look of the eye. 

   While normal lenses are widely available in retails stores and online, high quality circle lenses are not easy to find. I was browsing the web, searching for online stores that sell circle lenses and found out this amazing store called Lens Circle.  If you like circle lenses but don't know where to buy them this store is the right place for you. They have so many different designs split in various series so you can easily find the design that you like. You can shop by design and find designs such as angel, magic, flower, twirl, diamond etc. You can shop by color and find blue, green, grey, black, pink and much more. Be sure to check out their offer. Also you can find a lot of useful info on their websites about how to take care of your circle lenses, as well as customer reviews so you can be sure what you're buying. 

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