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October 31, 2019


  What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of hip hop? You'll probably name some artists, but another huge association is flashy jewelry. Ever since the hip hop genre originated in 1970, jewelry has been a big part of its culture. Popular culture embraced it, and Hip Hop or Bling jewelry is definitely here to stay. For those that are searching for the best trending urban styles in jewelry, HELLOICE online store is the right spot. They have a huge assortment of real hip hop jewelry. From hip hop pendants and chains to bracelets, watches and rings, they have everything! Their jewelry is made of S925 Silver or Stainless Steel with 18K gold or 18K white gold finish. So, we're talking about quality jewlery. We all know gold is one of the most durable metals out there. Unlike costume jewelry, gold won’t fade or rust. But investing in one isn’t so cheap. So gold plated hip hop jewelry is your best option as it is cheaper. Also, you probably heard about iced out or icy jewelry, these are pieces with lot of stones set together. HELLOICE has many iced out pieces in their offer.

  Rappers love to wear layers and layers of chunky jewelry. Gold chains with massive pendants are especially popular. HELLOICE has a wide selection of hip hop pendants on their website. If this is your favorite style you should definitely check them out. If you like that "gangsta" look you can opt for lion heads, dollar signs, and similar. You can also find religious, cross, letters, sport, anime, movie and celebrity pendants. Be sure to check out their hip hop chains, as well. They have several options for you to choose from: Cuban chains, Franco chains, Rope chains, Tennis chains and other. Take a look at their other categories of jewelry, too. HELLOICE also offers you an opportunity to get customized jewelry pieces and design your own.

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