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December 20, 2019

  Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life. But when it comes to finding the perfect dress, it can also be incredibly stressful. On Babyonline you can find best casual wedding dresses for carefree brides. When selecting a wedding dress for a beach ceremony, I recommend that you opt for something plain and understated. Given the surroundings, it should also be comfortable and easy to move in. With this in mind, a lace, satin or sheer wedding dress can make a stunning option. Not only are they romantic, sexy and feminine, but they can also be airy and lightweight. When it comes to accessories, try to keep it as low-key as possible. Perfect for the laid-back bride, a country wedding is not only low-key but also incredibly beautiful and low-cost. For this type of wedding, a gorgeous design in vintage lace will be perfect. Look for details such as elegant ruffles to really nail the country look. Finish the ensemble with a flower crown and simple, classic jewelry. Bohemian wedding dresses come in various styles. But what they all have in common is a feminine aesthetic with an airy twist. This style makes the perfect choice for low-key, casual outdoor ceremonies. They are especially ideal for weddings held during summer as well as trendy, backyard receptions. They can also suit rustic weddings, such as those held in a barn or on a farm. Crochet and lace fabrics are synonymous with the bohemian style, making them an ideal choice. Of course, not just any lace dress will suit the boho aesthetic. To nail the look, opt for a long, flowing style. Looking to add an elegant, ladylike touch to your bridal ensemble? Why not try a wedding dress with sleeves! This style is an ideal choice for women who love a classic, romantic look. In particular, we think a minimal design with lace detail will make a stunning option for your special day. Through the decades, it’s one of the only wedding day styles that has remained timeless! Here are just some of the beautiful casual wedding dresses from Babyonline. Be sure to check them out for more. 

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December 18, 2019

When we find ourselves in need of inspiration, whether it’s fashion-related or lifestyle-wise, we tend to turn our attention toward celebrities, to our favourite ones most likely. So when you have yet to make up your mind on how you want to look for your upcoming prom, a quick scan into the fabulous red carpet looks of celebrities will give you that much needed inspiration.

Below are 4 celebrity-inspired beauty looks that you can wear to prom:

Hollywood Glam

Red carpet events are never without personalities who opt for classic Hollywood glam, which isn’t surprising considering that this is one of the best fool-proof looks for any fashion-forward occasion. Classic Hollywood glam exudes a sultry yet sophisticated appeal. Imagine Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood’s ultimate glamour girl, with her flawless retro waves and bold red lips. For a more recent reference, check out Lady Gaga’s Marilyn Monroe-inspired look at the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Lady Gaga channelled timeless elegance in a chiffon maxi dress with a sexy deep V-neckline, a chic low bun, and her signature burgundy lips.

To achieve the classic Hollywood glam beauty look for your own prom, find a figure-flattering floor-length strapless evening gown. Put your hair up in an immaculate old Hollywood chignon, and wear your favourite crimson lip shades. 

                                                               Image Source: Pexels

Classic Little Black Dress 

Another beauty look that has withstood the test of time (and celebrity critics) is the iconic LBD. It seems to us that no one is ever going to look unsightly in a gorgeous little black dress. Take for example Reese Witherspoon in a sparkly Saint Laurent little black dress at the 2019 Country Music Awards. She didn’t even have to wear much makeup (light blue eye shadow, rosy blush, and pink glossy lips) and kept her hairstyle simple. The sequined one-shoulder LBD was also the perfect fit to accentuate her curves and the right length to flaunt her flawless legs.

To achieve your own LBD beauty look, check out beautiful black prom dresses at your nearby boutique or through online stores and find one that speaks to you. The style choices are limitless, but make sure you choose one that is the right length for your height as well the proper fit to show off your figure. For a more flattering silhouette, look for a little black dress with embellished waist details.

Cap off the ensemble with a glowing skin makeup look and a chic hairstyle. Cascading waves, an elegant side bun, or a textured long bob come highly recommended by celebrity hairstylists. Smokey eyes also compliment the LBD beauty look.

 Prom Princess

If you’re looking to create an enchanting impact at your prom, it won’t be difficult to seek inspiration from red carpet events because many of our favourite celebrities also love channelling princesses in fabulous ball gowns.

For starters, take a cue from Zendaya and Elle Fanning. You don’t have to get your hands on that jaw-dropping Cinderella-esque ball gown that Zendaya wore at the 2019 Met Gala red carpet or Elle Fanning’s Vivienne Westwood couture gown with whimsical doodles at the Cannes red carpet. Instead, be inspired by these two celebrities in creating your own unforgettable princess beauty look by adding your own creative touch to the classic ball gowns.

                                                               Image Source: Unsplash

Lady In Red (And Pink) 

Turn heads with the newest red carpet-ready beauty look - red and pink ensembles! In fact, these were the trendiest outfits at the recent Emmy Awards red carpet event. Mandy Moore, Susan Kelechi Watson, Taraji P. Henson, Marisa Tomei, and Zoe Kazan showed up in fashion-forward designer gowns that featured two of the most favourite colour options to wear to prom.

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December 12, 2019

  Image Source: Unsplash

   Before we go any further, it should be noted that Russia is a vast country, in fact the largest country in the world, with a plethora of cultures, languages and norms. The tips for travellers to Russia detailed below are very broad and might vary from region to region. Despite reading up on the do’s and don’ts for visitors to Russia, there are still a few things you might have missed so read on for some top tips to take onboard whilst visiting Russia.

   If you are looking at taking a trip to this country, for a long weekend or browsing the wide range of Trans-Siberian holidays online, the tips below could be invaluable. Your specialist Russia travel company will probably be able to provide you with more advice on request when you book your holiday. 


  Image Source: Unsplash

  • Eat Local – Don’t waste your money in the tourist restaurants in and around the main tourist sights. They are generally overpriced and bland in comparison to the local restaurants, plus the experience will be memorable! Simply explore the backstreets and keep an eye out for local eateries where the locals are enjoying a meal – you will often save money and also taste authentic Russian food that hasn’t be adapted for the benefit of foreign visitors.
  • Use the Metro – Like your choice of eatery, follow the locals. The Metro is by far the best way to get around cities like Moscow and with clear maps (that might or not be translated into English) and cheap fares this is definitely the best transportation option you will find in the larger cities. As a backup, download the Russian version of Uber, this may come in handy for late nights and early mornings.
  • Dress for the Conditions – Do not think for a minute you can get away with a light jacket in Russia in the middle of winter. Different regions may be warmer than others bit it’s always best to be prepared.
  • Don’t Flash the Cash – This one is basic common sense, but it can be confusing getting to grips with a new currency and you might take all your money out to have a good look at how much you need for something or another. Put small amounts of notes in each pocket and keep the bulk of your money somewhere else – you would do this in other countries so do it in Russia as well!

  The vast majority of people experience trouble free and comfortable holidays to Russia. Be prepared for the weather and don’t be afraid to take a chance in replicating the locals eating and transportation habits. The most convenient way to travel to Russia is by engaging the services of a destination expert who will ensure you really experience the best this country can offer. Browse online for a trip that suits your dates and personal taste and book a holiday to mother Russia today!

  If you're looking to buy an evening dress online then Babyonline dresses store is the right place for you. Whatever special event you have this shop is offering you a huge selection of lace dresses to choose from. If you need a dress for a attending a wedding, for a prom night, or going to some birthday party, fancy first date etc. I'm sure you'll find a perfect dress for yourself at their website. Their collection features trendiest dresses ,made of high quality materials in any color you can imagine they have them all available. Dresses with sleeves, sleeveless, backless, one shoulder dresses, all the types are available in variety of styles to meet everyone's needs as well as taste in fashion. No matter what your style or taste in fashion is they will help you create a dazzling look for sure. Whether your style is girly, edgy, sophisticated or simply unique there's a dress waiting for you on their website. You will surely stand out of the crowd. Here are some of the dresses that caught my attention. The lace trend is still going strong and there are more ways than ever to wear your lace dress. Whether your style is demure and ladylike or edgy rock chic, there many different styles of lace dresses available. 

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December 7, 2019

  In today's post we'll be talking about bridesmaid dresses. I'll share with you some tips that can be helpful for you when choosing dresses for your bridesmaids. Attendants at your wedding are the people that you feel closest to, right? Those are people who have supported you and your relationship from the beginning. Some of them are your best girlfriends which you choose to be bridesmaids at your wedding.You want to make sure to pick perfect dresses for them, beautiful dresses that you and them will both like. But, it's not an easy task at all. If you want to buy bridesmaid dresses online you have to find a reliable supplier that will meet your needs and taste in fashion. My recommendation is to check Baby Online. This online store offers a wide assortment of trendiest, high quality bridesmaid dresses. Whether you want, long, midi or short bridesmaid dresses for your girlfriends they are all available in various styles, colors and fabrics. There are few things you should keep in mind when buying bridesmaid dresses. It would be best if you choose the dresses according to your wedding dress. Try to match them. So if your wedding dress is vintage, classic, bohemian, modern etc. try to find dresses of same style for your girlfriends. Now when you picked the style, next thing you have to pick is length. If your wedding is more of formal character you might prefer long bridesmaid dresses. If you're planning a more casual wedding short bridesmaid dresses will work just fine. Then, there's a color and fabric to choose. For the color it's best to pick the one that will fit all your maids and also the one that will go well with the overall theme of your wedding. When it comes to fabric the thing is the same as with color choice, pick the fabric that goes with your wedding theme. 

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December 3, 2019

  Hello everyone! Today I'd like to introduce you to one online store that I discovered recently. It's called Callabuy, and they're selling cheap clothes for women. They have a wide offer of trendy dresses, tops, outerwear, shoes and accessories at super low prices. In this post I'll focus on their dresses, holiday season is around the corner and you might get some inspiration for your holiday outfits. Here are some dresses that caught my attention the most while looking through their selection of beautiful and cheap long dresses

  The first dress that I like is this boat neck plain bodycon dress in dark red. It's available in navy blue, as well, but red is my favorite color. This dress is perfect for some formal celebration, for exmple if you planned to go to a restaurant for a New Year's Eve, or if you have some gathering around New Year with your colleages from work. It's price is  $16.99 only. 

  Next dress that I picked is this velvet pleated dress. It can be a nice outfit for Christmas dinner with your family. It's available also in black, brown and pink. So you can get your favorite color or color that suits you best. This dress costs $23.99

 Finally, here's one party dress, perfect for New Year's house party, or party in some cafe or discoteque. Besides lake blue, this skater dress comes also in navy blue, black, pink, red and wine red. It's price is $16.99

Do you like these dresses? Which one you like best?
Be sure to visit this store for more wonderful dresses. 

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December 2, 2019

  Hello lovelies! I hope you had a great weekend! For today's post I prepared a little something about Ninacloak, an online store that sells fashionable and cute clothing. They have a wide range of dresses, tops, outerwear, as well as shoes and accessories. All their items are on trend, of high quality and come at super low prices. Today I'd like to focus on their women's outerwear. There's a huge selection of coats, jackets, blazers, hoodies etc. on their website. Here are just some of the items that caught my attention while browsing their store. 

  Teddy coats and jackets were very popular last couple of seasons, and they're gonna be on trend this winter as well. They are fashionable and keep us warm at the same time. Ninacloak offers a lot of options when it comes to this must have items. There are different designs, lengths and colors to choose from. This one I like the best. It's available in other colors as well, such as black, green, light gray and more. The price of this jacket is $23.47, which is pretty cheap for a garment like this. 

  Plaid is always in style, some seasons it's more in focus, some seasons less, but it's always there. Plaid is probably my favorite print. I found this lovely plaid coat on Ninacloak. Love the design and color combination on it.  It's price is $36.85.

  When it comes to color trends for this Fall/Winter red is the hottest color. I'm planning on getting one red coat and this one from Ninacloak is just perfect for the cold days. It's totally stylish and looks pretty warm too. It costs $24.56

What you think about the outerwear that I picked? Which one do you like best?
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