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April 17, 2020

Knowing The Right Time To Gift Diamonds

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Image Source: Pexels

There are the obvious times to give the gift of a diamond - engagement, weddings etc. But there are many other special occasions where a diamond is the perfect present. Here are a few things to think about while you head to the jewellery store to pick up that head turning gift.

Diamonds Aren’t Only For Lovers

A stylish and casual diamond ring is the ideal gift for any friend or loved one. With a simple yet classy look, it will certainly come as a gift of love and appreciation. Take advantage of your ability to create your own stylish statement for that special someone by choosing specific cuts, shapes, and colour of the stone. After that, more fun begins, when you decide what type and style of band to choose and complete your unique vision.

The gift of a diamond ring is a classic gift for women as well as men. Keep the purpose in mind when designing this special ring with the help of your preferred diamond jewellery store. How will this person wear it? Will it be something they wear every day, with every outfit? Is this piece just for a fun night out with friends, or might they be looking to meet someone? When looking for the right diamond ring, it’s important to consider how the person lives life.

       Are they sporty?
       Do they like to dress up often or are they a more casual person?
       What colours do they tend to wear?
       Is their style understated or boisterous?
       Would an intricate thin band speak to them or something more bold?

In this case, you want to create a piece that resonates with their unique and wonderful spirit.

When to Give a Diamond Ring as a Gift

This is one question that many of us will find hard to answer at one point or another. The answer may not be as simple to some as it is to others. If you're buying a ring for your BFF for their birthday, it’s pretty straightforward why you are doing it. Maybe your friend doesn’t usually wear diamonds and you're not sure if it is the right gift, but you feel deep down that it is. The great part here is just how many types, cuts and colours of diamonds there are to choose from. Some people aren’t keen on more traditional colourless diamonds but they may absolutely adore one in the yellow spectrum. Perhaps they aren't a fan of larger stones but would love a band with a few smaller, intricate cuts, leaving the metal to take the spotlight.

Great For Family Gifts

Image Source: Freepik

When selecting a gift for a loved one, consider an elegant diamond band. It can be fun for the whole family picking out the perfect fit for your grandmother, mum, dad or siblings. When you think about it, you and your family know so much about the rich tapestry of life you’ve all lived together. Weave that story into a lasting family heirloom for generations.

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