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April 3, 2020


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  The coronavirus pandemic has caused a global shortage of face masks. It's hard to find them in stores and apotecaries, and if you manage to grab a few their price is usually a lot more expensive than it was before pandemic, which is totally absurd. Then, there's a question does wearing a face mask really help prevent coronavirus? We're hearing different stories every day on TV and reading different claims in other media, you should wear a mask, you don't have to wear a mask. Well, to mask or not to mask? In the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, many health experts hoped to mitigate panic by assuring the public that face masks-for-all would not likely be an efficient step towards preventing a global pandemic. But now, it’s a different story, politicians and medical experts are urging us to wear face masks in public. And despite a lack of evidence supporting their effectiveness, the consensus now appears to be this: it’s better to be safe than sorry. I can agree on that. 

  But where to find face masks, it's shortage, right?! Let's ask the good old internet. There must be a way to order them online, at least. So I googled a little bit on where to find disposable face mask online without paying a fortune for it and I found this online store called ShieldHelp.com. If you order a bulk of 10 disposable face masks you will pay only $9.99. They have an excellent offer, if you buy more face masks you'll get more masks for free, which is really good. For example, if you order 100 pieces, you will get 30 pieces for free. This offer is good for companies. 

  Besides face masks you can find face shield on this web store as well. The price for one transparent protective Dust-Proof, Oil-Proof and Anti-Splash face shield is just $9.49, while Safety Clear Grinding Face Shield Screen Visor Eye Protection is $9.99. 
   Finally, this store offers bulk toilet paper, and alcohol disinfection, antiseptic and cleaning sterilization wipes. So, you can find everything you need for your protection, cleaning and sterilization at one place, at affordable prices. This store has 10 years of experience in medical sanitary materials, clean and ventilation workshop, experienced workers, so there's no need to worry about the product quality. Visit them today! 

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