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October 25, 2020

Choosing The Best Type Of Jewellery For A Larger Woman

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  When it comes to purchasing exquisite jewellery that is going to look fabulous on someone that you love, you will need to select something proportionate to their size. If the person is relatively large, then you will not want to get anything that is too delicate as it may get lost when they wear it.

Image Source: Pixabay

Choose A Bigger Size Of Jewellery


 When the person who the jewellery is for is a plus size, then you will want to select jewellery that is also on the large side which will look better on her when she wears it. There are many bracelets for large wrists that you can choose, such as cuff bracelets and large chunky necklaces. You can also opt for chunky rings and large dangling bracelets which will look more at home on a larger person, than dainty and delicate items.


Play With The Size & Length


Another option you have as well as going for chunky necklaces is to look at ones that have more length. You can choose a chain which drops down even as far as her waist, which can make her appear taller. When worn with drop-down earrings that are large, and the hair is worn up it can elongate the neck, she will appear slimmer. She may want to play around and experiment with different types of jewellery, which is a great idea. She just has to stick to items that are larger and have some length to them.


Match The Jewellery With Her Clothing


You will also want to ensure that the jewellery you select as a gift is going to match the clothes that the recipient wears typically. If the jewellery does not match anything in her wardrobe, then she will most likely rarely wear it. You will want to choose something that is versatile and can be worn with most of her outfits.


Match The Occasion


If you are looking to get something that can be worn every day, then the piece must not be too elaborate. You will want to select simpler designs. However, if you are looking to get a gift that is going to be worn on special occasions, then something a little flashier may do the job, but do not go over the top. Make sure that the jewellery is subtle, but beautiful, which will help to ensure that it can be worn with as many outfits as possible.


Select Quality Over Quantity


It is advisable to choose quality jewellery for your gift, and the term less is more can also apply to a woman of a bigger size when it comes to wearing jewellery. She will not want to wear too much, instead opting for statement pieces that suit her style, and are of a big enough size.

Image Source: Pixabay

  You can easily get some inspiration on the internet. A quick search should lead you to websites that can show you plenty of options that are suitable for a plus-size woman and will make the perfect gift for them.

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