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October 4, 2020

Derma Roller - Revolutionary device for smoother skin

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 Hello! In one of my recent posts I wrote you about Dermarollera revolutionary hand-held device that can help your skin look better by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This device uses 200 extremely fine medical-grade needles and painlessly creates microchannels in your skin. This device is stimulating natural healing process that helps you get new and healthier tissue and skin. Because of that you'll be able to treat common problems that we experience as we age, wrinkles for example,or skin hyperpigmentation, scars, acne, stretch marks, hair loss and similar. Or you can simple use it to make your skin smoother. 

  The Derma Roller System is a skin care breakthrough that naturally creates new, healthier tissue to replace the imperfections of older skin. If you're looking to buy derma roller online Derma Roller System is the best place for you. They have thousands of satisified customers. In my previous post about this device I wrote you about problems that we face while we age and how can derma roller help us deal these problems. Here are some more info about derma roller. 

  For our skin to have a smooth and healthy glow, it must continually be replenished with new cells. The Derma Roller System renews your skin cells from the inside out by using Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).The Derma Roller’s 200 fine medical-grade needles are rolled over your skin to cause pores in your skin to open temporarily, which triggers your body’s natural healing process to heal the pores, thereby stimulating collagen and elastin production.

  The production of collagen and elastin helps to thicken the skin, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, and rid the skin of hyperpigmentation. In approximately one to two hours after Derma Roller use, these micro-channels fully close through the body’s natural healing process, providing just enough time for new collagen structures to form within the skin’s lower layers but short enough recovery time to ensure the resumption of your normal schedule. By continuously triggering the body’s natural healing process in this way, your skin constantly stimulates the collagen and elastin production needed to help restore and remodel your skin on a cosmetic level. Sounds great, right?

  Derma roller can be used by both women and men and has numerous beneficial effects, including the following:
  • Anti-Aging
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Cellulite Reduction or Removal
  • Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Restoration
  • Hyper Pigmentation Treatment
  • Scar Removal (Including Acne Scar Removal)
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Stretch Mark Removal

What you think about this device?
Would you use it?

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