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August 24, 2021


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  If you're in need of a refresher on how to style a belt this season read this article to the end! After so much emphasis on waist-up dressing over the past year and a half, neglected designer belts are slowly making their way back into our everyday wardrobes. This season, the formerly deprioritized accessory is anchoring some of the best reemergence looks. Whether it’s paired with trousers for a chic return to the office, or cutoff shorts perfect for weekend escapades, adding a vintage, woven leather, or studded belt helps to elevate just about any outfit.

  Wondering where to find cool belts for women? Be sure to visit Fioretto, an online store that offers a large assortment of fashionable leather goods. Whether you’re shopping for fashion or function, the best belts for women can pull any look together instantly. They come in a dizzying array of styles. A classic, unadorned leather belt needn’t be boring, get one in black or brown so you have your bases covered, then pick out a bright shade for a bolder statement that still works with your favorite pieces. You could also opt for subtle textures, like an embossed alligator, or an on-trend buckle: think edgy solid metal or the perennially chic double circle closure. When you have the basics squared away and are ready to branch out, there are so many options that will absolutely make an outfit. Here are some lovely designs that I found on Fioretto.

Be sure to visit them for more designs. Check Fioretto gloves as well.

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