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January 23, 2022


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 In today's post we'll be talking about one interesting online shop that I just discovered. It is gancube.com, the global leader in speedcube industry. It's an emerging enterprise founded in 2014, the speedcubing pioneer in China. They have multiple patents and put their efforts to provide better services to cubers worldwide. Gan cubes have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

  For those who are not familiar with speedcubing, it is a sport involving solving a variety of combination puzzles as quickly as possible. The most famous puzzle of this kind is the 3x3x3 puzzle or Rubik's cube. Rubik’s Cube has been one of the world’s favourite puzzles for 40 years. Several different methods have been devised for solving it. I'm sure you already tried to solve it. Gan Cube made this patent, a Gan Rubik's cube scramble machine, the first intelligent cube robot (GR). Instead of spending lots of time studying algorithms to solve the cube before you can solve by yourself, GR will solve cubes easily by pressing only one button. You will not worry that the cube cannot be solved when you start cubing. No matter how complicated a cube is scrambled, GR will calculate the best solving path in 0.01s and solve it in less than 5s. Sounds cool, right?

Visit Gan Cube and you'll find all you need when it comes to speedcubing and gan lube!

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